ID06 Visitors card -

A non-personal ID06 card for visitors. The visitor card cannot be registered in electronic card readers.

The following applies to ID06 Visitors card

  • The card cannot be used as a temporary ID06 card. It is only for individuals visiting the construction site and do no work.
  • The visitor card does not contain any technology and therefore cannot be used to open doors / gates.
  • When using a visitor card, the person responsible at the workplace must enter the visitor’s name, company, who is visited at the workplace, date, time entered, time leaving and card number on the visitor card. This is entered in your own visitor list and should not be entered in electronic staff register.
  • The visitor must have an accompanier when staying at the construction site.
  • The visitor must carry the card visibly.
  • There is no limit on the number of cards you can order.

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