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How do we register as a foreign company with eID/BankID? - Bestallid06.se

eID/ BankID is only available for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

In order to register a foreign company in the new ID06 system, the company must first be registered with Swedish F-tax. The company will also report to all employees who will work in Sweden for more than six days, at the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

If the company meets the above criteria, you can start the steps below for registration and ordering.

  1. Register yourself as the signatory and your company through the link, register company. Follow the instructions on the page and you will soon have access to an active ID06 account.
  2. After the identification is made, a corporate account is created in the ID06 system. Then you log in to the website bestallid06.set o connect your ID06 account to Areff as a card supplier and you can start the order of ID06 cards.
  3. When the company has ordered a card, the cardholder receives an e-mail with information that there is an order on the individual. The cardholder can then create an user-account with eID via the e-mail or visit the nearest scanning partnerto scan passport or national ID for identification to create an user-account.
  4. The cardholder logs in to his account and sees the ID06 card as well as the personal details and accepts the order.
  5. The card is now printed and sent to the delivery address the company has decided. When the cardholder receives card, it must be activated via the cardholder’s ID06 account. Cardholder can also receive the PIN conde for the card from the ID06 account.

Click here for information on how to register the company withaout eID/BankID.

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