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What requirements are there for the photo on the ID06 card? - Bestallid06.se

Since the ID06 card is an identity document, the same rules apply as on a passport or driver’s license photo.

    • The photo will be submitted in a .png or .jpg copy and should not be older than six months.
    • The face should be depicted straight from the front with the entire face visible.
    • Close-up of the head and upper part of the shoulders so that the head occupies 70-80% of the photograph.
    • Both eyes should be fully visible and pupils should be clearly visible. The eyes should be facing the camera.
    • The photograph should have good sharpness. Sharpness should lie in the pupil.
    • Do not wear dark or colored glasses. Reflections must not be visible on the glasses.
    • You may not wear headdress eg. cap, protective helmet, etc. Exceptions can be granted for religious reasons provided that the entire face is visible.
    • The face should be evenly illuminated and the background should be white and without shadows.
    • Your entire head should be visible, not just the face.
    • Both black & white and color photos are approved.

Approved file formats are JPG / JPEG and .PNG. The minimum size is 300 pixels wide and 410 pixels high.

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