About ID06

With ID06 cards, you show that your company and your employees
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About ID06

ID06 was launched by Sveriges Byggindustrier in 2006 to promote healthy competition and secure jobs in the construction industry. It is a system for easily identifying people in the workplace and connecting each person to an employer. ID06 has several uses such as attendance registration in electronic personnel files, digitization of diplomas, company control and access and lock functions.

The ID06 card is used today in a variety of industries, primarily in the construction, cleaning and transportation industries. The card contributes to increased safety in the workplace and healthy competition.

A company may only order ID06 cards for its own employees. The ID06 card is a confirmation that there is an employer relationship between the company and the person holding the ID06 card.

By using ID06 cards, you can more easily register and exit in electronic personnel files – which are adapted for ID06 cards. Electronic personnel register is a legal requirement from 1 January 2016.

Since 1 January 2016, electronic personnel files have been mandatory at most construction sites in Sweden. All companies and persons participating in the construction activities must be registered in the personnel register. The purpose of the law is to counteract undeclared work and promote healthier competition in the construction industry.

The ID06 system meets the requirements of the law and offers industry-specific equipment for electronic personnel files.

The Swedish Tax Agency may make unannounced workplace visits to check that the law is complied with. The authority has a good information page for you who want to know more about personnel in the construction industry.

Read more at the Swedish Tax Agency if you ordering or carrying out construction activities

ID06 is a system for electronic personnel loggers in all industries.

Through mandatory registration in personnel files and unannounced inspections by the Swedish Tax Agency, it is made more difficult for unauthorized persons to stay at the workplace. Healthy competition is strengthened and security is increased.

The ID06 system is made up of several parts that together create safer and more secure workplaces:

  • A personal ID06 card that is mandatory for anyone staying at an ID06-connected workplace.
  • Reader equipment (card terminals) or mobile apps for entry and exit in the workplace personnel register. All registrations are encrypted and have traceable logs.
  • An electronic system for personnel files, which meets the legal requirements from 1 January 2016.
  • A central barring register for maximum security and availability.
  • ID06 is passed on in the construction agreements via General Provisions.
  • ID06 enables all industries to use a common system.
  • A database for vocational diplomas, ID06 Competence Database, was launched in April 2017.
  • ID06 is a competition-neutral system. Suppliers of personnel files, readers, applications or cards can apply for accreditation and be tested against ID06 Standard.

Accreditation of suppliers ensures that:

  • Personal data is handled correctly according to the GDPR.
  • The requirements of the Electronic Personnel Act are met.

The Data Inspectorate considers that ID06 handles personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act, PUL.

An ID06 card contains three different techniques that present the cardholder’s identity at different levels.

Level 1

The primary identity of the ID06 card, ie Primary credential, is a non-contact JCOP chip that communicates on the frequency 13.56 MHz. This part has a very high level of security and contains the cardholder’s personal certificate, data and identification according to a PKI (public key infrastructure) solution that follows the structure of PIV (personal identity verification, US government standard). This type of structural solution is common in contact chip cards for payments and PC login and is based on the ISO / IEC 7816 standard.

Level 2

The card’s secondary identity, ie Secondary credential, is an emulated MIFARE ® Classic chip that contains the same information as in ID06 card 1.5 (old card). Emulation means that it is the JCOP chip that creates a software clone of the MIFARE® Classic chip. The communication with the secondary identity takes place via 13, 56 MHz according to ISO / IEC 14443, Type A.

Level 3

This level does not contain any identity, but only holds a unique EPC code (Electronic Product Code) according to the EPC UHF Gen2 Air Interface Protocol – EPC / RFID | GS1. This technique can be read at significantly longer reading distances, up to 4 – 5 m and is intended to be used for passage through e.g. gates for vehicles.

The EM chip (sometimes referred to as Prox) is not available in ID06 2.0, but Areff has developed a card holder with an EM chip that makes the card work in the same way. You can buy this card holder via our ID06 portal.

A company may only order ID06 cards for its own employees. The ID06 card is a confirmation that there is an employer relationship between the company and the person holding the ID06 card.

The requirements for ordering an ID06 card for the company’s employees are that the company is registered for an F-tax certificate and is not insolvent, and that the application for an ID06 account is made by an approved signatory.

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