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How do I see the status of my order or ID06-card? - Bestallid06.se

After you have logged into the account, you can see the status of the order by clicking on the “my cards” button on the menu. In this view, you can filter your orders or ID06 cards and see what status they are in right now. The filtering options available are as follows.

Show all – All ID06 cards and ID06 orders are displayed.

Ordered – The order has been placed and Areff will check the order shortly.

Reviewed – Areff has checked the order and emailed the cardholder to confirm the card for production.

Approved – The cardholder has confirmed the card for production and the order is pending production.

Produced – ID06 cards have been produced and sent to the address specified in the order.

Active – All ID06 cards that have been activated by the cardholder are displayed here.

Rejected – ID06 cards have been rejected by Areff or by the cardholder himself. The reason can be seen when you click on the name of the cardholder.

Inactive – All cards that are blocked, terminated and ID06 cards whose validity period has expired are displayed here.

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