How do i order ID06-card? -

As part of the production chain of the new ID06 card, the cardholder must prove his identity. This is done today through the use of BankID / E-ID.

In cases where the card user does not have a BankID / E-ID, the identity must be proven by scanning a passport or national ID card. Click here for instructions!

Below you see step by step instructions on how to approve a card order for production.

  1. The card-orderer at the company first places an order with the card holder. Order card here! The following information is requested when ordering from the cardholder:

    – Photo of the cardholder
    – Name & Surname
    – Email
    – Phone number
    – Social security number
    – Validity of the card (Maximum 5 years)

  2. After the order has been checked by Areff, an email is sent to the cardholder with a link for identification with BankID / E-ID.
  3. The cardholder is then asked to create a user account by submitting e-mail and optional password.
  4. After the account has been created and the cardholder has followed the instructions stated, the cardholder is now logged in and the card order is displayed on the device you are using.
  5. The card order is now displayed. Check that the specified information is correct and then click on the “Accept” button. Now the card is ready to be produced and you can log out. If the information does not match your information, you can “reject” the order and the card-orderer may place a new order with correct information.

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