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How do i register polish sole trader company in ID06 2.0? - Bestallid06.se

The ID06 system is now available to register Polish sole trader companies. Follow the steps below for registration!

The company owner needs to send an e-mail to manuellkontroll@id06.se with following information to ID06 AB.VAT number (NIP number):
Company name:
Company address:
Owners name and surname:
Owners e-mail:

And a registration certificate of the company.
Click here to get registration certificate

ID06 AB will then send an e-mail with the confirmation that the company is now available for registration.

  1. The owner of the company needs to visit Areff or a scanning partner physically to manually identify themselves with the help of a passport or national ID.Areff only offers appointment for scanning passport or ID. Book your appointment here!
    Or click here to see your nearest scanning partner.
     All Passports or National IDs are not compatible for scanning. Please click here to see for who these are! If your passport or national ID is not available, you need to acquire one.
  2. After the identification is made, a corporate account is created in the ID06 system. Then you need log in to the website bestallid06.se to connect your ID06 account to Areff as a card supplier and you can start the order of ID06 card.

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