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Have your company start to use the ID06 Competence Database? - Bestallid06.se

There is now an opportunity for you to collect and display your certificates/qualifications with your ID06 card. In order to be able to get a certificates/qualification linked to your ID06 card, it is required that the certificates/qualification company is connected to the ID06 Competence Database, which ones are connected you can check through the link below.
ID06 Competence Database

If you do not find the company here, you can contact them and ask them to join the ID06 skills database. After registration, they can then register educations afterwards. To get the educations registered in the ID06 competence database, you need to give your consent to it. You can do this by following the link below and login with your BankID.
Login with BankID

By collecting all your certificates/qualifications on one card, the everyday life is simplified for both you and your employer. It is also then possible to control certain processes or accesses to machines or areas of the construction site, depending on the certificates/qualification requirements that exist.

If you then change jobs and get a new ID06 card, your certificates/qualification will also be included on that card. As the educations are added to your social security number and not the physical card, your certificates/qualification will always be linked to your card, once you have done all the steps.

Safe Construction Training – Requirements at the construction site
From 1 July, Safe Construction Training will be mandatory for everyone who works at construction sites where Byggföretagen’s member companies have the employer role or are responsible for the work environment coordination.

Haven’t you done your education yet?

Check with your employer if any activity is planned prior to implementation. The education is registered at ID06 Competence Database after approved completion and is then automatically linked to your ID06-card, if you have given your consent to it.

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