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How can I confirm my order without eID/ BankID? - Bestallid06.se

As part of the production chain of the new ID06 card, the cardholder must prove the identity. This is done today through the use of BankID/ E-ID. In cases where the cardholder does not have a BankID, the identity must be verified by scanning a passport or national ID card.

Scan your passport or national ID with us at Areff systems AB.
Cost for manual identification of SEK 450 :- excl. VAT.
Paid in connection with the scan. Payment is only made by card payment.

Visiting address:

Areff Systems AB
Metallgatan 1
372 38 Ronneby

Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:30. From Mon-Fri.

Click here to see the nearest scanning partner.

Areff only offers appointment for scanning passport or ID. Book your appointment here!

Manual Identification step by step

  • The card customer at the company first places an order on the card holder. Then the cardholder visits Areff or the nearest scanning partner with his passport or national ID.
  • After a scan and order is checked, an email is then sent to the cardholder who is asked to create an account.
  • The account is created and the cardholder can log in via the button “Manual ID Verification”
    Then a one-time code is sent via SMS to the cardholder’s mobile number and the cardholder can enter the one-time code in the column “Log in with SMS security code”
  • Now the cardholder is logged in and the card order is displayed on the device you are using.

Make sure that the specified information is correct and then click on the “Accept” button. Now the card is ready to be produced and you can log out. If the information does not match your information, you can “reject” the order and the cardorderer can place a new order with the correct information.

Pease note that all Passports or National IDs are NOT compatible for scanning!

Click here to see approved passports and ID’s!

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