ID06 Company declaration in pilot phase

ID06 Bolagsdeklaration

ID06 AB has now started ID06 Company declaration. Initially, they run a pilot with five companies.
The ID06 Company Declaration function is launched in 2019 and is included in the annual fee for ID06-affiliated companies *. The function gives buyers of construction services the opportunity to create a digital list of all companies that are part of a project. They are then checked on an ongoing basis based on a number of established parameters such as company form, F-tax, VAT and employer registration, if they pay their employer’s contributions and whether they have debts with the Swedish National Insurance Agency or the Tax Agency.

During Q3 2019, ID06 AB will open up for more companies that are affiliated with ID06 to start using ID06 Company declaration.

* A fee may apply depending on the number of projects / UEs / searches.

ID06 Company declaration categorizes suppliers according to the principle OK (green), observation / survey (yellow) or warning (red), based on the information obtained. There is also marking for incomplete information. When the system detects something abnormal, the user is alerted to yellow and red symbols in the system. The user himself has to enter the system to check the facts and choose how to proceed with the deviation. It is also possible to create a tree structure regarding the connection between the main contractor and the UE in the system to get a visual overview of which companies are in the workplace and what relationship they have with each other.

In addition to securing healthy companies at the construction site, ID06 Company Declaration means a time saving for the main contractor. Focus can be placed on the different companies that are marked (yellow and red) instead of having to spend time checking everyone.